BONE-DRI™️ Rust Prevention Gun Cases: in a Class of Their Own

BONE-DRI™️ Rust Prevention Gun Cases are the best on the market – PERIOD! Constructed with patented Absorbits™️ advanced material, these cases provide protection that is unparalleled to protect your firearms in order to keep them safe, dry, and rust-free.

Absorbits™️ Origin Story
Have you ever dropped your cell phone or electronics in water and screamed $#@%! You’ve heard the claim “put it in a bowl of rice”, so you do it and pray that the moisture will miraculously be removed. This happened to our founder. He was so frustrated with that unreliable “hack” that he invented a patented material called Absorbits™️ (patent #9,771,202 B1). Absorbits™️ is the primary material in BONE-DRI™️ cases. It wicks water away from any hard good placed in the case – inside and out.

BONE-DRI™️ Rust Prevention Gun Cases are fast becoming the premium brand in the category. We stand behind our quality; BONE-DRI™️ products are constructed with some of the finest materials available worldwide, easily withstand heavy wear and tear, are indefinitely reusable, and are guaranteed for life.

At the end of the day, BONE-DRI™️ delivers to gun owners peace of mind against rust and corrosion.

Giving Back
Consistent with our mission to help people protect their prized possessions, through the Absorbits Foundation , we proudly donate a portion of our profits to support conservation, children, and veterans.

BONE-DRI™️ and Absorbits™️ are registered trademarks of Absorbits, Inc.